Read our National Hydrogen Strategy Review Submission (August 2023) here.

The submission to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water makes recommendations to the Australian Government across the following key themes:

  • The need for speed in developing Australia’s hydrogen industry. If we are to be world-leaders, we must rapidly develop our emerging hydrogen industry
  • Recognition that a significant increase in power generation is required by the hydrogen industry, and that offshore wind will play a crucial role in delivering this
  • Acknowledgement that a transition period may be needed, and this could require the commercialisation of early hydrogen production using power generated by fossil fuels
  • It is crucial to link hydrogen production to ‘green’ power generation. Eventually all hydrogen will be generated using sustainable energy, and the need for power must be linked to hydrogen production
  • Remain neutral on technology especially during the transition period when marriages of new and emerging technology may be required. Ultimately the market will decide best technology outcome
  • Government support will be vital to support the emerging industry and its supply chains. Support will be needed in policy, regulation, training, research and commercialisation, and could include significant funding, incentives, tax breaks and partnerships.