City Partnership

City Partnership

The Illawarra-Shoalhaven Greater Cities Partnership supersedes the Illawarra-Shoalhaven City Deal of 2020 that successfully delivered over $470 million in investment to the region.

The focus of the Illawarra-Shoalhaven Greater Cities Partnership is on the development of precincts and the delivery of effective transport links between them. It will deliver transformative change to the region through the generation of 12,000+ high value-add jobs and billions in gross regional product from the development of Port Kembla, Advanced Manufacturing and the Visitor Economy

The Greater Cities Partnership establishes transformative precincts that will deliver a connected, diverse and resilient economy over the next decade. It will accelerate recovery of the visitor economy and create a more resilient South Coast tourism economy with world-class attractions at the Illawarra Sports and Entertainment Precinct and a new Marine Tourism Precinct. Development of the Port of Port Kembla will be central to regional growth, with the establishment of new industries based on renewable energy and sustainable steelmaking. Advanced Manufacturing opportunities will create jobs and training for new generations of tradespeople and technicians, continuing the proud industrial history of the region.

These precincts cannot exist in in isolation; the links between them and to Western Sydney are key to their success. The Greater Cities Partnership supports the duplication of Picton Road as well as a new rail line from Port Kembla that will link the Port to markets in Western Sydney and beyond. Planning for a ’30-Minute City’ by public or active transport is also a key initiative, as is a Marine Tourism Highway that will link Wollongong, Kiama, Shell Cove and Nowra by sea.  

Download the Prospectus and Summary here.

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