RDA Illawarra is an independent organisation.  We are neutral brokers who advocate across all levels of government for the growth of the Illawarra's economy.

We take a long-term perspective and advocate strategically for the future greater good of the Illawarra region.  We value our people, culture and sustainable development.

We advocate either directly, when commercial or other sensitivities are involved, or publicly through submissions and direct advocacy.

Submissions are made on most matters of economic significance to the Illawarra region.  Our submissions are listed below.

Forty-year planning for West Dapto Urban Release Area

Forty-year planning for West Dapto Urban Release Area

The West Dapto Urban Release Area has the potential to provide homes for 59,000 residents by the mid-2060’s. It is an exciting and challenging development opportunity with a forty-year planning horizon.

Our submission to Wollongong City Council’s Draft West Dapto Development Contributions Plan (2024) includes the following concerns across several areas:

  • Escalating Development Contributions may deter or defer development in this urban release area
  • Provision of childcare facilities is no longer considered an Essential Service funded by Development Contributions
  • Exemptions to development contributions for affordable, accessible and emergency housing are welcome but WCC should set targets for each at every development stage
  • Provision of essential services should not lag completion of development stages
  • Floodplain mapping is essential to provide security for residents.

Read our submission here.

RDA Illawarra gives qualified support to offshore wind zone

RDA Illawarra gives qualified support to offshore wind zone

RDA Illawarra has given qualified support for the development of an Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone but recognises that several key considerations need to be addressed to gain unreserved support:

  • Environmental impact
  • Social impact and benefit
  • Feasibility of technology
  • Regulatory environment 

In its submission to the Offshore Wind consultation process, RDA Illawarra acknowledged that offshore wind can generate the power required to replace end-of-life coal-fired power stations by 2035; deliver a reliable power supply in the required timeframe; and help to decarbonise the future regional economy.

However, as a newly regulated industry there are issues that need to be transparently resolved and RDA Illawarra believes that the fifteen recommendations made in its submission will enhance community engagement, acceptance and ease implementation.

Read our full submission here.

Continuing towards Net Zero with Wollongong’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan

Continuing towards Net Zero with Wollongong’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan

Our submission to Wollongong City Council’s Net Zero Wollongong Climate Change Mitigation Plan (CCMP) includes full support for the draft plan.

RDA Illawarra believes the following actions will enhance the plan and outputs further:

  • Priority of several initiatives: place higher priority on waste-related initiatives and especially reducing or recycling waste from commercial operations
  • Engagement of organisations in control of industrial emissions: influence and engage the “four of Australia’s top emitters” in our LGA and encourage them to partner in WCC’s leadership towards reduced emissions
  • Goal review and communication: implement a comprehensive and enduring communications plan that includes quarterly updates on goals and objectives against the plan and annual Council and community reviews of overall CCMP effectiveness

Read our submission here.

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