RDA Illawarra will grow a strong and confident regional economy that harnesses competitive advantages, seizes on economic opportunities and attracts investment. 

Our Strategy has three pillars: Connectivity, Jobs and Resilience.


See RDA Illawarra's Strategy here.

See RDA Illawarra's FY24 Business Plan on a Page here.




    Enabling infrastructure to improve connectivity between Illawarra and Sydney/Western Sydney to unlock investment opportunities.

    Advocate for economic and infrastructure initiatives that will:

    • Deliver highest and best use of Port Precinct land
    • Optimise use of Shellharbour Airport and Business Park
    • Maximise economic connections with Bradfield
    • Deliver connected freight and passenger transport services to support economic development


    Create a diverse economy that maximises jobs and industries for the region’s future.

    Undertake evidence-based analysis of emerging future jobs, using regional intel, to drive projects that will:

    • Generate high value and skilled jobs
    • Ensure skilled labour meets industry demand
    • Enable capital investment in the region
    • Leverage COVID learnings in development of alternative work models, such as Hubs and Hybrids
    • Promote public and private sector Decentralisation


    Secure innovative solutions that drive a resilient and sustainable region.

    Work with stakeholders as brokers and advocates to deliver outcomes and initiatives that will:

    • Leverage our innovation history and culture, including embracing new Technologies and Industry 4.0
    • Create a depth of resilient regional leaders
    • Support COVID recovery of affected industry sectors, such as the Visitor Economy