Invest five minutes of your time to identify the skills that Illawarra needs

The Illawarra is experiencing historically low unemployment and has an unprecedented pipeline of transformational infrastructure projects.

The region will need skilled workers to design, construct, operate and maintain this emerging infrastructure – and to deliver more goods and services for our growing population.

RDA Illawarra has committed to a two-year study of skills requirements in the Illawarra. We are about to begin our second six-monthly survey of local businesses, which will launch on Monday 9th October 2023. The survey will be delivered by our research partner EMRS and only takes five minutes to complete – either over the phone or online.

Results of the survey will be available on the RDA website and will be used to inform businesses, training organisations, community and government about the skills needed now and in the future.

How can you get involved? Simply answer the five-minute phone survey if you are contacted by EMRS on behalf of RDA Illawarra, or complete the survey online here.

Investing just five minutes of your time adds to the overall picture of skills demand in the region. The more businesses that get involved, the better the results and the bigger our chance of developing and attracting the skills we really need in the Illawarra.