Read RDA Illawarra’s submission to Wollongong City Council on the Wollongong Industrial Lands Review here.

RDA Illawarra recommends the management and development of industrial lands is managed through a collaborative and collegiate ‘Master Planning’ approach coordinated by one agency and makes the following submissions:

  1. Create a Master Plan for Port lands and surrounding industrial lands
  2. Promote ‘Highest and Best’ use of existing and developing industrial land
  3. Advocate for better direct road and rail access from Illawarra to Western Sydney
  4. Encourage larger lot size development for freight and logistics as well as manufacturing
  5. Normalise planning controls with LGAs in the Six Cities region
  6. Increase amenity and flexibility in industrial land use
  7. Collaborate with other agencies to accelerate delivery of basic services (water, sewerage, power) as well as public transport and high-speed internet to industrial land
  8. Protect industrial lands, freight corridors and buffer zones from residential encroachment
  9. Develop plans with other agencies to improve road access to current and emerging industrial land.