Blue Economy

Blue Economy

RDA Illawarra has been collaborating with stakeholders to identify Blue Economy opportunities and to develop a Cluster of marine and related industries in our region. The Blue Economy is a business and society response to environmental, resource and social challenges. The concept recognises the multiple benefits of marine and coastal ecosystems for current and future generations and the need for sustainable use and development of these resources.

The concept is gaining traction globally. Wollongong, and the greater south coast of NSW is an ideal location for which the model could be tested and developed for broader application. The Blue Economy project in our region investigates the capabilities of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven region to build and support a new ‘Blue Economy’ based on sustainable and equitable use of our oceans natural capital.

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Our Projects

It is imperative that we support the development and capability of industry growth in the Illawarra region. Key sectors for future growth have been identified and we will also continue to foster our existing business capability and sustainability.